Confidence, with Von!

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

I’ll let you into a little secret…

I am possibly one of the most naturally unconfident people you’ll ever come across. I say naturally unconfident because I believe confidence is something that you can not only fake, but actually develop very effectively with practice. 

Most of the models, influencers, content creators and seemingly extrovert characters I know, all suffer with the same issue - they have at some point massively struggled with self confidence/self esteem and this struggle is more often than not the exact reason WHY they got into their line of work in the first place.

Alex and I spoke in some detail about what this means to us in our latest GYBO podcast (check that out if you haven’t already guys 😜) but today, I want to reiterate how it is possible to overcome your confidence demons even if it doesn’t come naturally to you! 

Where it all began…

I entered this industry totally clueless; I was 17, and a little bundle of gothic nerves from a small town in Essex. I had no idea how to act around all the other beautiful models I often had to work with in London. I felt so intimidated by photographers and makeup artists and suffered immensely with imposter syndrome.

It became pretty evident to me that if I was to survive the rather brutal game of putting myself out there as a glamour model for ALL to judge, almost solely on my appearance, I needed to develop a pretty thick skin fast. 

The same applies to creators today; you might not be putting yourself out there IRL to be judged, but in some ways it's even tougher because the people judging and commenting on you and your work all have the ability to hide behind screen names and fake personas, meaning we all have access to negativity at the touch of a button or through the swipe of our phones.