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Creating Niche Content

by Frankii Wilde

Frankii: Hi Alicia , thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for us at GYBO why don’t we start with you telling us a little about yourself?

Alicia: Hello! I'm Alicia, a crazy cat lady and food lover. I work mostly as a producer selling fetish clips online, but I also work as a video and photo model - which is how I got started!

F:  You’ve got a few interesting niches up your sleeve don’t you? 

A: My main niche, and my most popular, is my sexy armpit hair! I shoot lots of hairy armpit videos and have a growing fanbase who just love my pits. I also do some delicious chubby stuff which people love - especially when I show off my belly!

F: Those niches are quite particular. How did you discover that they were your thing?

A: To be perfectly honest, I hate shaving... so I stopped. I never intended to love having armpit hair, it just sort of happened! I feel so much sexier with armpit hair, and I knew there was a hairy fetish but wasn't sure if there was much market for just pits... I made a few videos to see how they sold, and the rest is history!

F: I always find it fascinating to find out what attracts people to their particular line of work, would you care to spill the beans?

A: I was a regular model before I did fetish work - in fact I started off doing vintage much like yourself!  I actually got into modelling by doing a makeover/photoshoot experience as a confidence boost for myself. I never in a million years thought I'd be working as a model full time!

F: What inspires you in this crazy sexy business?

A: I'm inspired by all the epic women I see creating content and doing a killer job! I love seeing people building their businesses and it inspires me to work harder on mine.

F: I know you have an OnlyFans but it’s not your main hustle is it? What would you say is your go to platform(s) to sell your content?

A: I'd have to say ManyVids. It gets a lot of traffic and I love that it's a sex-positive site. After that, the old classic, Clips4Sale!

F: What social media platform would you say works best for you and why do you think that is? 

A: Honestly, I have sort of fallen out with social media... between shadow banning and account removals, it's hard for me to put much time or energy into it. I mainly focus on creating and editing my videos, and like to use Twitter to stalk my favourite models and see what everyone's up to!

F: What has surprised you most in your line of work? 

A: The friends I have made! I have met some of my favourite people through my work  and it's so unexpected. Believe it or not, I'm not the most confident person in the world and I'm not much of a social butterfly. But through my work - both through content creation and shoots for companies - I've met some truly awesome people who I love keeping in touch with and catching up with! I've never had this with any other job! Models are some of the best people around!

F: Are there any achievements or contributions within this industry that you are most proud of? 

A: I am almost always in the top 5 studios for Hairy Armpit clips on Clips4Sale, and a lot of the time I'm number 1 ;) I feel so proud when my videos and stores do well!

F: What advice would you give to a beginner that is struggling to find their niche? 

A: Try a bit of everything! When I was new, I tried so many different genres just to see how I liked them. Did I enjoy filming this? Does it sell well? If you can find a niche you really enjoy - perfect. Both of my niches, hairy pits and chubby belly, help with my self confidence, and I think that definitely helps me want to produce them even more!

A big thank you to Alicia kitten for chatting about her niches and experiences.

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