Updated: Jul 26, 2020

by Von

Recently I’ve been speaking to a lot of creators who are;  a) thinking about setting up an OnlyFans, b) have started an OnlyFans and are cautious to put anything up, or c) have started putting things up on their OnlyFans and don’t want to start promoting it. 

I thought I’d write today about my experiences with this, because I very recently was in EXACTLY the same boat! When we don’t understand something it often means we put up a tonne of barriers and excuses to protect ourselves. 

I for instance always put off things that I think I’m not going to be very good at, usually because of self doubt - we naturally don’t want to fail at things and it’s way easier to put something off than to dive in head first and (very likely) be a bit shit at it! 

Personally, I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I find it very frustrating when I don’t absolutely NAIL something. When you combine the above with those nagging doubts like ‘why would anyone follow me’, ‘I’m not good enough’, and ‘there are so many people already doing it’ it can often completely stop us in our tracks. 

I was SO fearful that people wouldn’t subscribe to mine, honestly, because I don’t get much out! I’ve never shot anything above topless in my career (bar one shoot for Playboy) and I was quite frankly, a little bit nervous about the nature of the platform, from what I’d seen around the web. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I fully support every creator on OnlyFans and think it’s absolutely incredible what it has done for the sex industry, in my opinion it is hands down the best site out there in terms of monetisation for this type of work, however, the more ‘hardcore’ side of it isn’t something I personally would do - so I was naturally cautious. 

One big lesson I had to learn in lockdown? 

That I had to start throwing caution to the wind and to learn to lean into as many things as possible, to give stuff a go and just think “f*** it” a bit more! This however was predominantly fuelled by the fact that I’d seemingly overnight, lost my rather lucrative job as an international fire performer - SO I deci