How to build a NATURAL fan base

Updated: Aug 29

by Sim-Wise

The absolute number one thing we get asked about as a consultancy is “how do I grow my fan base?” - in fact I’m pretty sure I have written a blog on it before. Yep, totally did.

However, seeing as it is a persistent, evergreen problem it is worth going back and reiterating a few key points. Firstly, nobody is guaranteed an infinite fan base. Just because you exist, it doesn’t guarantee you a following, especially nowadays when internet nudity IS an infinite commodity. In a highly saturated marketplace you have to work hard to differentiate yourself and that means working on making your content unique, developing a hardcore posting schedule, and filling your socials with MEANINGFUL interactions.

If what you are doing is worthwhile, as in, good quality and worthy of attention, then it is our belief that given time a fan base WILL naturally follow. Maybe not instantly, but given time and perseverance a fan base will come.

Now, there are two main kinds of fan base: natural and forced. Natural fan bases are built over a long period of time by doing things that are eye catching or interesting. Whether that is having a unique look (or being genetically blessed), creating unique or distinctive content, or having some other kind of “sticking factor” (you’re famous for something, you’ve been on TV, you write well, you’re the next Siswet, you’re funny, your TikTok made the national news, you have a really relatable personality, or a breathtakingly beautiful anus). The more unique you are, the more sticking factors you have, the larger and more invested your fan base becomes. The more invested your fan base is, the less likely they are to cross pollinate and go elsewhere.

What do you mean by cross pollinate?

Cross pollination is what bees do when they flit from flower to flower (much in the same way that a lot of fans do). Here is a very rudimentary Venn diagram that explains how fan base cross pollination works:

Basically, the more your fan base crosses over with others, the more diluted and fair weather it becomes until you are all basically sharing a “community pool” of fans who will never commit to any one of you, they just bounce back and forth trying to catch the best offers... all hallmarks of a "forced fan".