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One of the biggest questions we get asked here at Get Your Bits Out is how to get fans. Whether that is on OnlyFans, Patreon, Admire Me, Fan Centro, or any of the other subscription sites out there this is always the magic golden question.

First up, the bad news: you really do need fans to begin with. Sites like these don’t really drive their own traffic. You can’t just set up a fan site and expect paying fans to appear out of nowhere as it won’t happen - you need to be able to build or direct an existing fan base from somewhere else. We recommend having AT LEAST 2000 real person social media followers before setting up a fan site. This is because subscription sites are something that you can’t really fake - on every other social media platform you can kind of game the system by buying fake likes and followers - but you can’t fake paying subscribers. Let's face it, spambots don’t buy FUCK ALL.

In our workbook we go into great detail about how to build a fan base from scratch, but the simple answer is: it is work. ALWAYS. Even for overnight sensations - chances are their success didn’t happen quite as overnight as they would like you to think. Everyone has had to put in the work somewhere. We all stared at that zero follower mark one day and proper shit ourselves, we’re having to do it right now with our business socials and let me tell you - it is panic inducing. Thankfully we have the magical Von on the case!

I know what you are thinking - this is the worst advice ever - where are the magical tips and secrets!? I don’t want you to get too disheartened here, that’s not my aim, I am just being clear that this industry rewards the tenacious, probably more than most. Hard work is always the answer, knowing where to direct that hard work is where we come in.

Here are some tips:


Yes this one might seem massively obvious, but you are not going to build a fan base as a creepy lurker. You have to get out there and talk to people, in a genuine non-spammy way, to get engagement. Basically all the rules of being well-liked at a party apply here, you’re not going to get popular hiding in a corner, as much as I wish it were true (sad face). If talking to strangers feels too cringey, do what I did and start a blog. Then you can reimagine yourself as the cool mysterious 1980s Winona Ryder character at the party and it’s like talking to a diary and you can totally forget real people are reading it.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Go and talk to ten new people on your chosen social media, compliment them and say something nice. Remember: PEOPLE LOVE TO TALK ABOUT THEMSELVES, but if in doubt just write a blog and talk about yourself instead. I’m sure someone out there will read it and love it.


A lot of luck is just putting yourself out there ready for luck to find you, and that doesn’t mean sitting around all comfy waiting for luck to strike, it means going out with an umbrella in a thunderstorm actively looking to get hit (I’m being metaphorical - please stay inside and don’t really do this). You have to actually go and TRY stuff for luck to strike. And yes I know, for shy types this is the absolute WORST, but this is why those annoying outgoing people always get picked - they put themselves forward first.

For this, timing is everything. Go with your gut. For me, my lucky break was entering a student competition in FHM. It took me 3 years to build up the courage to enter and the next thing I knew I had won it. Kapow! But who knows, I may not have won it if I had entered the year before, it’s a mystery that I don’t like to think about. So yeah, what I am saying is put yourself forward WHEN YOU ARE READY. But still try a bit when you are not. Fuck it, just do it. It’s quarantine! THE TIME IS NOW.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Look for competitions, job opportunities, and casting calls in the sexy industry but be very careful to check that they come from a legitimate source.


Even if you land on a lucky break, you still have to work hard once you have gotten it. You can’t just be a lazy dick and rest on your laurels like some flaccid Cleopatra. Fortune favours the brave and all that (I don’t know where I got that from, it sounds like something a cowboy would say). Keep talking to people, keep networking, keep promoting yourself, keep looking for MORE lucky breaks! I probably had about 20 lucky breaks throughout my career and that’s because I tried to say yes to everything. Here is a basic dialogue of my career so far:

Scary photographer person: “Hello Alex. Can you get your tits out please?”

Me (in my head): oh god no, WHY!?

Me (to them): “FUCK YEAH!”

FRONT magazine: “Hello Alex. Can you write columns?”

Me (in my head): NOPE

Me (to them): “FUCK YEAH!”

Polish MTV people: “Hello Alex. Can you interview massive bands and present television?”

Me (in my head): Oh fuck no, that sounds terrifying.

Me (to them): “FUCK YEAH!”|

Ahhh… you get the idea.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Just keep working hard, promoting and talking to people. Set daily targets, celebrate tiny triumphs. Keep looking for lucky breaks and if something sounds legitimate, make sure it is, and SAY YES. Even if you KNOW you can’t do it - you will learn! (This is how ALL MP’s get jobs by the way)


Finally, don’t do anything stupid. If someone is promising you a bajillion subscribers for half of your income then it is probably lies. As a new person you are vulnerable to scams. It sounds trite, but if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Remember to reference check every offer - even if it’s from a well known brand/person - in fact ESPECIALLY then because well known people can be dodge. If in doubt ASK US! We’ve been around the block and know what’s what

And that’s it for now, you can find more in-depth advice in our AMAZING Beginner’s Workbook!

Sim x

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