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how to get started in content creation when you're new to this shit!

by Tiff


Who’s that girl? Well it’s only bloody me innit, it’s Tiff!

As I am new to the content creation game I thought I would follow up my wee interview on the GYBO OnlyFans with a more articulate post which covers some of my tips, tricks, and thoughts in more detail. Everything here is based on how I personally operate and is geared towards building loyalty among my fans. It’s not an exhaustive list, it won’t necessarily be for everyone but so far, I’m doing alright.

Developing your Persona/Niche

In the GYBO workbook 1 there is a section to help you develop your sexy persona. It’s very tempting to go for something as far from reality as possible. For me? A super sexual bad bitch vixen but fuck me, that sounds like a LOT of work - I mean, you saw my interview right?! 😂 - this shit is hard enough as it is without complicating things further.

While my account and the content I make is very separate from me as a person it is still rooted in all the things that make me, me. I firmly believe that when creating your persona and niche, it's best to look at things you already do and enjoy. Take aspects of yourself, exaggerate and polish them up for presentation. That has a sense of authenticity; whereas pretending to be something you’re not for the sake of drawing people in, ties you to certain behaviours that can be exhausting - and potentially damaging - long term.

Trying to play a part you are not comfortable with will show. It will be harder to stay motivated and it’ll be a bitch to maintain…. Not to mention the moment folks get a whiff of inauthenticity, they may leave or worse; turn on you.

The reason developing your persona/niche is so important, is to get people invested in YOU. Porn is everywhere and free, most people are on OnlyFans because they want something more. Injecting your personality into your content, humanises you and creates intrigue.

But don’t I need to keep everything separate for my safety?!

You don’t need to share personal details to create authenticity. Your hobbies and interests are a goldmine for delicious seemingly personal nuggets for you to share. These give fans a sense of knowing you, without really knowing you. Y’know?

Obviously Music, TV and Film are some of the obvious ones, diet is another - are you vegan or a voracious carnivore, do you like to cook? Share your favourite recipes! Naked chef it up, fondle some produce! Do you sing? Dance? Paint? Do it in your undies or in the nuddy. You like to work out? Post your work out videos, let them tip you to be their super sexy personal trainer! Your niche and persona can be as specific as you like; add layers to let fans get to know you more. The more specific you get, the more memorable you become.

A niche is not a tiny box that you stick yourself in and say 'I am only doing this now and forever'. It is something that you develop over time and grows with you and your audience, collaboratively steers it. You make stuff that works for you but hone it over time to hit the mark with your following.

Baiting your hook properly upfront is the first step to encouraging long term investment. My sexy persona is essentially a manic pixie dream girl. I’m that female friend they have had a long standing crush on, I am creative and high energy. I flit about from project to project; I always seem to be working one something and they never know what adventure I’ll take them on next…

This persona, means I can experiment with the content I create; keeping it fresh and me motivated.

Good or bad, your persona will often influence how fans interact with you

When it comes down to it, never expect anything from your subs, that way you’ll never be disappointed.

However like most things, you get out what you put in and it comes with downsides. If you post nothing but extremely sexy content day in and day out, people may - however wrong and shitty it is - assume that’s all there is to you. For better or worse, it can influence how they approach you. Especially given that the anonymity of communicating through screens behind an alias often brings out the worst in people. It’s all too easy for them to (pretend to) forget there is another person on the line.

Throwing out a non-sexy bone now and then - even if it’s as simple as ‘oh I can’t get enough of X tv show’ - reminds them you’re human AND can further your persona. This gives fans ways to feel connected with you and thus, they stick around. It also gives you content to post on SFW platforms which can drive traffic right back to the sexy paywalled stuff. Fucking lovely.

Sim-Wise often posts bloopers/outtakes/clips of her being generally hilarious. It’s fantastic sexy adjacent content. It’s all stuff that unfolded during the course of her creating that goodgood that they crave, but it shows a different side to her. Sure she can be smoking; but she can also be mad goofy and hilarious. THAT IS HOT. Folks eat that shit up! It makes me wish I was funny but alas not all are so blessed 😩😂.

My MPDG/close female friend aspect allows me to avoid relying on SEXSEXSEX when running my account which works for me because I’m not a very sexual person. I love the content I make - and obviously I think I make some hawttt shiiiit™️ - but my daily sexiness level is normally well below zero; sitting at a desk crafting in my PJs. I would legit struggle if I felt the pressure to be ‘on’ all the time.

This casual and friendly relationship with my fans is great for me because I don’t need to A. Pretend to be something I’m not. B Pretend I know what I’m doing/have all the answers. C. I can bounce ideas off them and get valuable feedback. They know I’m relatively new (less than 6months in) and that I want to build a quality offering. They want to help because it benefits them and they enjoy being part of the ‘behind the scenes’ process. It creates a sense of ownership that furthers loyalty.

My fans rarely talk to me/I hate talking to fans? URGH!

Some talk, some won't and that goes for both sides of the fan/creator barrier. Some like to wank in peace and seclusion from a nice anonymous vantage point. Let them. Focus your attention on those who comment or message; develop that relationship and leverage their input to your advantage.

Hate talking to fans? I get it. It can be a huge time sink and people can be arseholes but sometimes it’s necessary. I am happy to do it because the number of people I’m dealing with is managable AND because it’s not all sex all the time.

Yet just because I’m a chatty cathy, doesn’t mean you have to be. You can pick a few days a week to respond to messages, or a certain time of day, or even request people tip you to ensure they have your undivided attention. As long as you’re fair, polite and manage people’s expectations, you're golden. Remember, fans can go literally ANYWHERE else for content; so don't take yourself too seriously (or feel entitled) but never think you have to tolerate people pushing your levels or stepping on your boundaries. There will always be dick’eds. You cannot choose how people treat you, only how you react to it. Keep calm, take a breath and avoid replying in anger. Keep it civil not for their benefit but for yours; they are not worth your time or energy. Don’t let someone else's shitty behaviour rob you of your day; as a legendary anxiety ridden ruminator, I speak from experience.

Nowadays I am quick, polite and firm. Particularly, when it comes to shutting down people fishing for more than I’m willing to provide. Especially if they are new subscribers. I am an inherently suspicious person 😂 but also have heard too many sob stories of generous new fans, who quickly disappear and leave a trail of chargebacks in their wake. No Ma’am, that’s not for me (and why custom content is part of my VIP scheme and not my tip menu).

I use a 3 strikes policy, initially giving people the benefit of the doubt. When levels are brought up I tell them what I will and won't do, and reference my bio (strike one). I also recommend accounts that feature what they’re after (usually a friend's). To those who push and try to offer more money, I will explain that it has nothing to do with money and again reiterate my levels (strike two).

After that they are on thin ice, if they bring it up again in any way beyond a longing aside, then they get blocked (strike three).

Some girls will restrict users - sending them a message to say 'hey I am going to restrict you cause xyz, send me x amount to be unrestricted'. I can't be arsed with that bollocks. I would just rather not deal with someone who is not happy with what I am putting out. Simple as. It’s a slippery slope… if they tested your levels once, they will do it again.

I do recognise that this is a privileged position to be in. When you’re hard up for cash, the lure of a payout can be so tempting. I’m not immune either, part of why I am so quick to shut people down, is to remove the temptation of considering the offers.

My levels are not necessarily your levels. You know yourself best and what you are comfortable with.

Use your value system to make your judgements, if your gut says no; don’t do it no matter how good the money seems. Don’t compromise your ethics for cash and never post anything that you couldn't live with the world seeing if it got leaked.

Longevity over quick cash

Part of the reason, I am so staunch about sticking to my levels is that I am playing a long game. I am not in a rush. It’s also why I am so happy to talk to my fanbase; for me slow and steady wins the race. Sure, I could have rolled up day one guns blazing, covered in chocolate while riding a dildo and deepthroating a banana (would never happen, I gag when cleaning my teeth 😂). Maybe I’d make a killing but afterwards I would be filled with existential dread.

Where do you go from there?

If you have a super niche content type that you are really good at and you love making, you may find you don’t need to go anywhere else. Wonderful! That is the holy grail! For many it’s a game of peaks and troughs. When I started I knew I would be okay with selling full nudes. I have modelled nude for photographers previously, so it wasn’t a huge deal doing it by myself. However I also knew it would have to wait until I felt more body confident.

My fans didn’t know that. Initially I only went as far as lingerie, not even a hint of nip! When I did finally let the girls out, the response was really positive, because no-one thought it would happen. Later I shot a three-part shower set where every angle hid the vageen before most recently, throwing a couple of full nudes into a set. Minds were blown. Not because they were exceptional, they were just unexpected. That slow burn played a huge part in their success. Now I’ll step back again, to allow things to build once more.

Wait, what?! Isn’t the nude and explicit shit how I get loads of fans and make loadsa coin?

No. The absolute beauty of OnlyFans is there is something for everyone. I have nothing but love and respect for those that make explicit content! I am so fucking anal and anxious about my self image, plus super perfunctory when it comes to rubbin’ one out that I could never get into the performative aspect of it. It would be a super awkward, overwrought disaster that would play out in less than 2 minutes 😂

More power to those who do it, they’re making it so I don’t have to. Instead I can nestle into my own little niche - narrative led, tease and topless shots - and go from there.

You don’t need a lot of fans, just loyal ones

Currently my free account is my only account; just due to lack of time. I aim to post 3 unlockable sets (minimum 15 photos) a week, usually as part of the same story line. I price the sets at three levels; $5-8, $10-12, $18-22 and offer bonus content to anyone who buys all three parts. Selling series that way means I appeal to different budgets and everyone gets something; the cheapest set will have the highest clothed to topless ratio and the most expensive will be weighted the other way. The bonus images are always at the top of my level. I also save a round of the top tier naughtiest images for my VIPs (best customers). This pricing and reward approach could easily be applied to PPV on paid accounts.

I find it is very rare that people only buy one part. Sometimes one person will spend up to 40 bucks a week with me which is a lot higher than most people charge for their subscriptions. That's partly how I made it to top 10% with less than 10 repeat customers (and some single purchase) within my first couple of months. Of those 10, at least half of them are still with me now. I have one fabulous customer who has been with me since day dot, buys everything religiously and ALWAYS gives quality feedback. He is a fucking angel and a godsend ❤️

Even though I have since slipped from the top 10% due to a inactivity (post chrimbo motivation was weeeeak) I am not too fussed. I know what is possible when I go all in and my paying fan count is only increasing as time goes on.

I do very little to chase new fans, believing it is better to nurture the following you do have than chase new subs. These people are ready, engaged and waiting to be sold to. Pay attention to the ones that are spending. Even if you talk to no-one else, chat to your most regular tippers; remember their names and take notes if you have to. Send them extras or sneak previews, make them feel special; incentivising loyalty and repeat custom. Use lists to organise your following for instance; I have ones for each tier of my VIP scheme, single purchase fans and timewasters. This way I know where to focus my efforts.

Keep freebies limited; especially when it comes to treating people who don’t spend with you. It just encourages them to keep doing the bare minimum to qualify for the freebie/offer. The same goes for how many sales and promotions you offer; you’d end up incentivising people to wait for the sale price.

You done?

Just about, hah. I have drivelled on long enough, so in closing I just want to leave you with a bunch of resources that I have found really helpful; both for OF and in general.

OBVIOUSLY Get Your Bits Out; free account, blog, podcast AND workbooks (yes I have gone through it all!).

This phone stand.


Austin Kleon’s ‘Steal Like andArtist’, ‘Show your Work’ and ‘Keep Going’. Ryan Holiday’s ‘The Perennial Seller’.

Ichiro Kishimi & Fumitake Koga’s ‘The Courage to Be Disliked’.

Al Ries & Jack Trout’s ‘The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing’.

Derek Sivers ‘Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur’. Allan Dibs ‘One Page Marketing Plan’.

An invocation for beginnings

If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business