• Tiff

how to get started in content creation when you're new to this shit!

by Tiff


Who’s that girl? Well it’s only bloody me innit, it’s Tiff!

As I am new to the content creation game I thought I would follow up my wee interview on the GYBO OnlyFans with a more articulate post which covers some of my tips, tricks, and thoughts in more detail. Everything here is based on how I personally operate and is geared towards building loyalty among my fans. It’s not an exhaustive list, it won’t necessarily be for everyone but so far, I’m doing alright.

Developing your Persona/Niche

In the GYBO workbook 1 there is a section to help you develop your sexy persona. It’s very tempting to go for something as far from reality as possible. For me? A super sexual bad bitch vixen but fuck me, that sounds like a LOT of work - I mean, you saw my interview right?! 😂 - this shit is hard enough as it is without complicating things further.

While my account and the content I make is very separate from me as a person it is still rooted in all the things that make me, me. I firmly believe that when creating your persona and niche, it's best to look at things you already do and enjoy. Take aspects of yourself, exaggerate and polish them up for presentation. That has a sense of authenticity; whereas pretending to be something you’re not for the sake of drawing people in, ties you to certain behaviours that can be exhausting - and potentially damaging - long term.

Trying to play a part you are not comfortable with will show. It will be harder to stay motivated and it’ll be a bitch to maintain…. Not to mention the moment folks get a whiff of inauthenticity, they may leave or worse; turn on you.

The reason developing your persona/niche is so important, is to get people invested in YOU. Porn is everywhere and free, most people are on OnlyFans because they want something more. Injecting your personality into your content, humanises you and creates intrigue.