Hello so this is definitely a blog I never thought I would have to write, but here we are. I was originally going to write a blog on how to deal with online beefs but I will save that for in a few weeks (or months) when the self-isolation/quarantine rot sets in. As we all know the world is coming under the steely grip of Covid-19 and I am here to tell you that while you should worry a bit - this is probably the largest international health crisis many of us will ever see - bills still need to be paid and we DO need to keep going. If you have not started socially distancing yourself then I recommend that you should at least be thinking about it if you are not looking to (unknowingly) pass Coronavirus on to the elderly or immunocompromised. Such is the way of this virus that just because YOU are okay it doesn’t mean that you don’t have it and you could potentially pass it on to others who might not be quite so asymptomatic. With governments in the UK and US making it impossible for mild cases to get tested, there is no way of knowing for sure either way so just be extra conscious.

However, when it comes down to it self-isolation is something the younger generations (of which I laughingly place myself in) are WELL prepared for. Hell, I have been self isolating for as long as I can remember. It is also something that suits our line of work, so try not to worry too much. I know it’s hard. Things are uncertain now, but once everyone is hunkered down in quarantine there is ONE thing most people will be doing: wanking. Which means you need to keep creating!

I have made a little list of things to plan for to help in times of stress. The more you can prepare in advance for if things go south, the less likely you are to be out panic buying and getting infected. C'mon now, we've all watched The Walking Dead. Now is the time to BE PREPARED!


Make sure you have enough food - now I don’t mean go and clear out the local supermarket, but make sure you have plans in place for what to do if there is a food shortage. Try and have at least 2 week’s supply of food in your house and stock up on frozen vegetables, ramen, dried pasta and long life sources of protein like dried soya mince or tinned tuna. If you can’t find these things on regular supermarket websites or Amazon, lots of online health food shops still have basics available like pasta. As the main person in charge of food for our household I have gone all out and made a spreadsheet database of every bit of food in the house and have enough food for at least a month, but I am proper weirdly into that shit. You don’t have to do that.

Look after yourself - you can’t create if you are poorly! Start to socially distance yourself, by cutting out public interactions that are non-essential, like all those Wetherspoon’s drinking binges, cinema trips, gigs, and nightclubs. Make sure you have paracetamol (NOT ibuprofen) and cough/cold medicines available at home so you are not running out to stock up while sick.

Plan your sets for the month to come - this includes working out if you have enough lingerie/outfits to be getting on with so you can stock up. Also stock up on any makeup, skincare and healthcare products you think you may run low on.