Introducing our NEW Ambassadors...


So a few weeks ago when we posted a blog looking for Ambassadors we had no idea what would come of it… or even whether anyone would apply at all! It was a nerve-wracking time... however, we are so so chuffed with the creators that DID apply and can’t wait for you to get to know them better!

Now - first of all - what it is that our Ambassadors do? They help us to help you! Our aim at Get Your Bits Out is to become a hub of help, advice, and resources for creators, giving YOU all the tools to succeed in this competitive industry. Our Ambassadors come from all different backgrounds and specialities and they help us talk to MORE creators, write MORE informative blogs, and be a general point of contact, with the idea being that they can become GUEST ADVISORS that you can then hire for extra help.

If you missed out on the initial blog looking for Ambassadors, we will be hiring again in future so join our mailing list for more announcements! We are always looking for successful creators from diverse backgrounds to get involved with us here at Get Your Bits Out so if you think you can offer us something different email me at


Bea is a Suicide Girl, alternative model, photographer and performer who got her start working as an alternative glamour model. She will be helping to advise on alternative modelling, getting started on cam, how to pick the right platform, and how to set up and run your own website, among other interests!


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