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Keeping Organised with Von

Hello everyone, Von here! I’m pretty sure you’ve become accustomed to me by now, but if not I’m Sim-Wise’s right hand woman and I work with her on all things social for GYBO! This week I’ve been assigned the rather challenging subject of ‘keeping organised’. It’s a tough one for me, because organisation isn’t something that comes naturally to me AT ALL.

People who vaguely know me would probably say I am very organised, but that’s because I have forcibly taught myself how to systematically get through life amidst the extreme chaos that is my mind. The handful of people who actually KNOW ME (like really well), would tell you a very different story of how hard it is for me sometimes just getting through the most menial of tasks. Some days because of my ADHD and bipolar tendencies, everything is just pure and utter white noise and I bumble around from task to task completing nothing, overcomplicating everything.

SO how does Von manage to travel the world and manage her own business as a freelancer?

I touched on some of this in my previous blog, keeping on top of organisation for me is a huge part of my self care and is SO important as I travel so much; it means I have to do a lot of planning.


For me organisation for the next day begins the night before. I make a note of at least 3 of the most pertinent things I want to achieve, I’ll pack my gym bag and usually plan my outfit, as well as what I’ll be eating for breakfast.

2. ADD 30:

When I am feeling particularly disorganised I’ll ensure I get up 30 minutes earlier than I need to, this allows time for mediation, gratitude practice and aligning my thoughts when I really need it.


I LOVE A LIST! Pretty much every day now I will create a list usually on paper so I can manually tick things off of a list of what I need to achieve that day. The three most important tasks will be on there from the night before, and I always work to ensure they have priority over the rest.

4. Set your intentions

I started practicing intention setting in my morning meditations that focused on gratitude, kindness and how I wanted to be perceived by the world that day. For example, how can I give back to others today, or how can I be kind/make someone's day better.

It sounds a bit random, but bring kind feels great and when we’re happier we’re more organised and productive.

5. Waking up right

Mel Robbins teaches you to never start the day reacting to others, meaning the second you respond to an email or look on social media you are prioritising others needs over yours. Instead spend your early morning moments practising mindfulness and planning your day ahead. THIS IS REALLY HARD WHEN YOUR JOB IS SOCIAL MEDIA, but when I nail this I get SO MUCH more done…it's such a good habit to get into!

6. Wall Planner/diary

Wall planners (or diary planners that aren’t on your phone) are crazy useful for people who are quite visual (like me), I like to block off all the time I am away or at events. Alex is AMAZING at bullet journaling, and taught me the basics of how to stay on track and look at planning my time differently.

7. Look after yourself

A huge part of me staying on track is sticking to my routines like the gym, eating healthy and supplements. They are ALWAYS a constant for me wherever I go and helps everything else to stay in alignment.

8. Plan Your Socials

Social media can be SUPER HARD to keep on top of if you’re a freelancer or sexy content creator. Planning is the main part people struggle with, alongside content creation and creativity. I work with a lot of software, Google sheets, and planning tools that helps me schedule and keep on track of the accounts I work with as well as my own.

At GYBO we can help you keep on top of the mammoth task that is navigating sexy content creation, staying organised AND creating epic content - just get in touch for a FREE consultation if you’re struggling to stay on top of it!

Now remember!

Freelancers in particular have this bad habit of constantly worrying they haven’t done enough as we run our own businesses, and never knowing when to stop - so It’s important to reward yourself and surround yourself with people who remind you how well you’re doing. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get through all the things you’ve planned to do that day, if time is tight, stick to completing your 3 main tasks and pat yourself on the back for getting shit done!

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