Making Connections in the SWer Community

by Lilith Eve

So, you’re new to the sexy industry and opening yourself up to a world of new experiences, mindsets, questions and potential judgement. You’re asking yourself questions like: What if I don’t know something? Will I be accepted by the other members? Who can I go to for advice? What if I do something wrong? And so on. It can be a wholly intimidating industry to get started in and making connections with other creators is the biggest favour you can do for yourself.

For me, having the guidance of friends in the community has been an absolute blessing! There are so many things I didn’t (and still don’t) know about the world of online sex work. In fact, you can ask Bea Dux how many times I’ve come to her for advice about all sorts; “Hey Bea, what’s panty stuffing?” (true story that one) “Hey Bea, how much should I charge for custom content?” “Hey Bea, how do I navigate this?” “What do I do with that?” and so on...

With the world being the way that it is currently, the chances are you or someone you know has entered the world of sex work and is trying to find their footing just as you are now and this can be a major benefit. It’s frightening to start a new venture, especially one that lays you so completely bare (pun intended) and finding the right resources can be as big a part of the job as any.

Personally, having only started working in the industry 6 months ago, I remember all too well the insecurities and fears that made the beginning of this journey so complex and difficult; for all intents and purposes I was a lamb in the wolves den and I nervously anticipated having to deal with and encounter problems from other SWers... but in reality it hasn’t happened.

With the industry being so visible in today’s world, I panicked thinking about how to make content, where to post content, what my genres and niches were and if it was going to be worth it in the end. In all of this confusion and self-doubt I found that the most useful resource I had were my friends and thankfully now, GYBO exist as well!

Finding good and trustworthy sources of information takes time but GYBO, their Ambassadors and just other creators in general are the best place to start and trust me when I say this, a polite DM, email or following the contact info on an Instagram page will get you places! I have never been turned away by a fellow SWer when asking for an assist or a place to turn, for resources or even just a friendly chat when I felt down and out. My advice is to reach out and take make the most of creator resources like GYBO, (their BITS LIST on their FREE OnlyFans is the absolute best thing ever for finding out info about literally everything content related and has been a life saver for me so many times) but above that, just talk to each other - we’re all out here trying to achieve that same incredible goal - and most of us are, usually, pretty happy to give you a bit of advice when we can.

Top 3 Tips: