Quiz: What Sexy Stereotype Are You?

by Dani Thompson

When it comes to content creation, you face stiff competition. There are thousands of creators out there hustling but there’s still money to be made and it’s a lot easier to make that money when you know exactly who you are and what you’re selling. What can fans expect when they subscribe to you?

There is a lot about this in The Beginners Workbook, about finding your character, your persona. It could be that the image you portray doesn’t deviate far from the real life you or it could be that you come up with an alter ego that couldn’t be more different from you.

Luckily I’ve devised this little quiz to help you work out what niche you fit into.

What Sexy Stereotype Are You?

1. You’re going to a fancy dress party, who do you go as?

  1. Barbie

  2. Ruby Rose

  3. Marilyn Monroe

  4. Margot Robbie

  5. Carol Vorderman

2. Your favourite Spice Girl was:

  1. Baby

  2. Scary

  3. Ginger

  4. Posh

  5. Sporty

3. Your K9 companion is:

  1. Chihuahua

  2. Chinese Crested

  3. Poodle

  4. Labrador

  5. Pug

4. Your ideal weekend is spent:

  1. Shopping

  2. Getting a new tattoo

  3. Relaxing at the spa

  4. Watching a football match

  5. Playing computer games

5. Your ideal holiday destination is:

  1. LA

  2. Thailand

  3. Paris

  4. Disney World

  5. Japan

6. Your favourite binge watch is:

  1. Love Island

  2. American Horror Story

  3. Hollywood

  4. Friends

  5. Big Bang Theory

7. Your tipple of choice is:

  1. Porn Star Martini

  2. Jack & Coke

  3. Champagne

  4. Lager

  5. Kombucha

8. What are you having for lunch?

  1. Salad

  2. Something vegan

  3. Caviar

  4. Pizza

  5. Ramen

9. Which decade would you like to time travel to?

  1. 1990’s

  2. 1980’s

  3. 1950’s

  4. You’d rather not, you’re happy in the here and now

  5. 2040, the future

10. Your bedroom is:

  1. Pink and sparkly

  2. Black with lots of plants

  3. Plush and luxurious

  4. Simple yet comfortable

  5. High tech and futuristic


If you answered mostly:

1's – The Doll

You’re pink and glittery, blonde (probably) and bubbly, a real girly girl. A real life Barbie doll. Bimbo? Not at all, looks can be deceiving but use you’re cutesiness as a secret weapon. Let people think what they like about you whilst you giggle and flirt and watch them spend!

Remember Barbie’s motto – You can be anything.

2's – The Alt Babe

You’re inked with piercings and lot’s of men (the types likely to subscribe) are probably a little scared of you – good! They’re not to know you’re actually as fluffy as a kitten on the inside, well a fluffy kitten that watches a lot of serial killer documentaries.

Play the character, dominate and rule, they’ll love it and you’ll have them throwing their hard earned cash your way.

C's – The Pin Up

You’re a vintage vamp, a real seductress. Classic and refined. You like old movies and gentlemen with old school values.

Tease and temp them with your stockings and your perfect pout and you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your satin gloved hand.

D's – The Girl Next Door

Naturally pretty and casual, down to earth and fun, you’re as happy hanging out with the girls going shopping as you are Netflix and chilling at home with a takeaway or watching sports. You have a happy go lucky attitude and the glass is always half full. You’re instantly likeable and don’t make men nervous.

Use this gift, make them think they have a chance with you, that you’d actually date somebody like them and keep them coming back for more.

E's – The Geek Girl

Quirky and cute, with an amazing IQ. You’re probably content creating to pay your way through your degree or Phd but who can blame you, nobody wants to be a poor student!

Use what you’ve got, all the boys secretly fancied Velma more than Daphne. Knowledge is sexy, empty their wallets with your mind.

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