by Sim-Wise

Many creators have an Amazon wish list on their pages as an easy and interactive way for fans to anonymously buy them gifts - but let's ask the big questions here: are wish lists actually safe for sex workers? It’s time for me to investigate!

Now, as a former wish list addict I get it, everyone likes getting free stuff, especially free stuff that you get to spend ages picking out and imagining owning… and for a lot of SWers, Amazon lists or gift cards are a lot more reliable than most of the main payment platforms.

BUT, having had some terrible experiences with wish lists, I am going to come straight out and say NO, from experience wish lists are not safe for SWers, and I do not have one for a multitude of reasons, which I will try and outline below:


The first time a fan turned up at my house I had only just started modelling and was really young and naive. A fan (who at the time I thought was probably a young lad because of the way he typed) asked if he could send me a gift, and stupidly I gave him my home address. I was living with a boyfriend’s family at the time so I didn’t really think anything of it.

A few weeks later a parcel turned up full of ancient foul-smelling second-hand outfits and I was like gross, never doing that again. Then a few days after that, when I was home alone, an old man turned up at the end of the garden. Now, my ex-boyfriend’s family lived in a really remote location so when I saw this weird old man wandering around, I thought it was a member of his family at first and went out (in my dressing gown) to meet him and say hello.

As I started walking over the old man started shouting and telling me his name from my fan forum and I swear, I have never run away faster in my life! I ran back inside, locked the doors and called the police. It was like something out of a horror movie.

Now in that case I made the mistake of giving him my address myself, but Amazon has been known to give this information out also - especially if a fan purchases you goods from third party sellers. Overzealous fans can potentially receive the tracking information and can then use that to find out where you live (this has happened to me). Don’t think for a second that you know your fans and are safe, people can pretend to be ANYONE online, as me and Von discovered…