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Subscriber Platform Spotlight: FRISK

Frankii Wilde interviews FRISK co-owner Sascha Mcgee

You’ve probably seen a lot more subscription sites kicking about nowadays, after the huge success of sites like OnlyFans and Patreon, other platforms are now entering the mix. This is fantastic for creators as it gives us more choice, but it can also be a little daunting knowing which one to join. I would advise for you to do your research before you join any platform, as it may not be in your best interests to join a site that isn’t sex worker friendly. 

One sex worker friendly alternative platform that really stands out for me at the moment is FRISK. From my personal experience I feel like FRISK is two sites in one - a social media site and a paid fan site - as fans can follow you for free or they can subscribe for your naughtier content. There are two features that really stand out for me, firstly you can schedule your PPVs (!!!!) and you can add a teaser cover pic to entice people to open it! They also have a public wall where you can post teasers to entice ‘followers’ to subscribe and/or purchase your sexy content. Don’t worry you’ve got your private wall that people can subscribe too and see all the super sexy stuff.

I thought it would be nice to get some insight from one of the actual creators of Frisk and because it’s beginners month here on GYBO share some Top 10 tips for beginners!

So who is the lady behind Frisk?

My name is Sascha Mcgee, I am an owner of Frisk. I have been in the glamour/adult industry since 2013 when I entered a competition to be on the cover of a lads mag. Sadly I didn't win but it was the start of my career in the world of glamour. At first I continued to work full time in banking and my premium site (at that time) was a side hustle. Then 3 years ago, I made the decision to leave banking and go full time with content creating, as I was earning nearly triple doing it!

What inspired you to create FRISK? 

In August last year I was approached by my business partner Elle, who I had met through the premium snapchat site I previously worked on. She asked if I would like to get involved developing and running a new fan platform, where I could not only have input in how it worked but also help other content creators to succeed. I jumped at the opportunity! I had been wanting to help other women to be successful in this industry and this seemed like the perfect move. 

Being a content creator myself, I think this has been a huge plus point in the making of Frisk. With over 4 years using fan platforms, I know what works and what doesn’t from a creators point of view. This has helped to ensure that we have an extremely user friendly site. I also have a large base of loyal subscribers, who have provided me with feedback from a customers point of view as well. We aim to make Frisk an overall excellent experience for both parties. 

What makes you STAND out from the other fan sites?

Frisk is a platform run by women for women. We are dedicated to supporting our content creators and making them feel valued. We provide 1-2-1 coaching and are always available to help.

Frisk allows creators to earn from ALL of their fans, not just the ones ready to commit to a monthly subscription! They can do this by uploading content to their own personal content gallery and sending it out to all their free followers to unlock as and when they please. All previously sent content is available to new followers as soon as they sign up. 

The site also has a free preview area (like a sexy instagram ) where creators can provide their fans with a teaser before they unlock or subscribe. The fans can also enjoy fast streaming and multiple ways to interact with their favourite Friskette’s. 

What are your top 10 tips for beginners getting into the sexy content creator business? 

1- Sharing your body with strangers on the internet is a big deal and should not be entered into without thinking about it carefully first. What you post on the internet will always be on the internet. If you aren't comfortable with that, this probably isn’t the right job for you.

2- Friends and family will most likely find out. Regardless of whether you have an “anonymous” profile or not. Make sure you're confident in your decision. 

3- It is hard work. It's not as simple as posting a few selfies and earning thousands. You will need to hustle.

4- You will have multiple job titles. Photographer, editor, agony aunt, marketing exec, accountant… it can be fun but it will also be a learning curve.

5- Get organised. You will most likely start with it as a side hustle, so make sure that you set special time aside to focus on your content business and your full time job. Don't burn yourself out! 

6- Make friends! This industry can be judged quite harshly but you can make incredible friends with the girls within it! Connect with other creators. 

7- Choose a site that you enjoy using! You will be spending most of your time uploading, messaging, checking your stats, so make sure you ENJOY the features and layout of a site you're using. 

8- Be yourself!! Try not to copy other creators. What will make you stand out and appeal to fans is being different. Show your personality. Most fans want to make a connection with a person that they're subscribing to. 

9- Invest in a ring light and a decent editing app. Quality content is important.

10- Be consistent. It can take a while to build up your socials and your following. Keep posting, keep creating, keep interacting and you will grow. It won’t happen overnight. 

I hope this is helpful on your sexy content creating journey . I’d like to say a big thanks to Sascha for taking the time to speak to us and giving us some fantastic insight.

Sign up - https://frisk.chat/enroll

Twitter - https://twitter.com/friskvip

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/friskvip/

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