By Aiyla Beau

As we all know, the current situation regarding the global pandemic has meant that for a lot of people their source of income has abruptly dried up. One of the industries that has been hit the hardest with this is the nightlife industry, with many bars, pubs and clubs not sure when they’ll be opening again, and when they do, what exactly “open” will look like... amongst these venues of course, are the myriad of strip clubs across the globe.

For a lot of strippers, with their main (or indeed only) income stream dammed up overnight, there has been a mass migration onto online platforms, with dancers setting up their own fan base content subscription sites. However, transferring your real time club hustle into a working, and (most importantly) lucrative fan site, is not as easy as you would imagine.

There are a multitude of things that you will have to get to grips with really quickly, but things like taking a good picture, writing a good description or caption and marketing yourself are fairly easy to slip in to, as most dancers will already have online presence on sites like Twitter and Instagram. I think where a lot of online strippers are falling short however, is figuring out their pricing structure for PPV messages and custom content, so here’s the way I look at it, my top tips for converting your club pricing to your online hustle.


The easiest way to imagine it is to think of your subscription site like a strip club, the monthly sub fee is the club door fee (only this time you get to keep it lol) after paying, the customers get to see what’s on display and on stage, so your main feed is your club floor. If you want to have everything out on the club floor then you can do that, remember it’s your site to have however you want, but what I will say though is that selling extra content has huge earning potential.


If you’re wanting to use PPV messages then you need to categorise your customers and add them to lists (this comes over time and trial and error but you’ll eventually figure them out) just like the club you’ll have specific “types” of customer, there’s…

Barry - who spends hours in the club but will never buy a dance.

Duncan - will happily buy multiple $20-$50 dances but will never go VIP.

Trevor - will pay for a little VIP time (on special occasions).

and then there’s Wally - who will pay for hours on end in VIP just to chat (we call these guys whales).

In the same way that you have your different types of strip club customers, there are different kinds  of content customers, so when you’re sending out PPV messages for example, send them accordingly. There is no point sending a barrage of expensive clips to customers that never buy them, so have varying levels of naughtiness be your different “dances”, so a $5 image/clip isn't as naughty as a $20 clip for example. To begin with, send out a variety of different cips to everyone, and you’ll start to notice the buying patterns of your customers. 


Once you have an idea of who opens what, and what their limits are, you can start to target and plan your extra special content. Extra special content is your VIP content, aka, your super naughty pictures  or extra-long videos that you’ll want a hefty price tag to share. A whale will always know the value of things and will open a $150 video... and once you’ve been using this method for a while, the smaller fishes will catch on and their curiosity will undoubtedly get the better of them and they’ll have to unlock one at least once! It's always a good idea to keep your bigger spenders happy, I do this with little extra free pictures every now and then, this also entices people into buying more, I always send a free sample before the locked content as a teaser.

As long as you provide a variety of clips at different price points for your fans (and occasionally  reward the Barrys for their loyalty)  you will have a happy fan base. Try to always leave them wanting more, and most importantly know your worth - don’t think that by lowering your prices you will get more money, it invariably doesn’t work like that.

Good luck and happy hunting!!!

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