The Art Of Glamour Dressing

by Dani Thompson

Hi, I’m Dani, one of GYBO’s new ambassadors so let me start this blog post with a little introduction.

I have been modelling since the dawn of time, all the way back to the early naughts - before social media killed the print industry - and with it the careers of lads mag models and page 3 stars. Back in the day I appeared in all of the major lads mags and newspapers, mainly the Daily/Sunday Sport though as the others didn’t like ‘fake boobs’.

[Dani and Sim-Wise back in the day!]

When the glamour industry started to take a hit due to the free content people were posting all over the internet, I was in my mid 20’s and was looking for what to do next... and that turned out to be drama school.

I enrolled at The International School of Screen Acting and did a 1 year post grad course in screen acting. Since graduating, I’ve been working consistently as an actress mainly within the horror genre, a scream queen if you will. But here’s the thing, I love horror and I love what I do but because I’m ‘niche’ a lot of the work I do is low budget indie films. This means that although it is fun, screen acting alone does not pay enough to keep a roof over my head or keep my veins topped up with Prosecco so that is the main reason I’ve kept a pillarbox-red-painted toe dipped in the glamour world... and this is where the content creation and subscription sites come in!

Before I ever found myself immersed in the world of glamour or showbiz however, I actually studied fashion so combining that with my long running glamour career, I feel equipped to give you some tips on ‘The Art Of Glamour Dressing’.

My style now I like to think is more sophisticated modern pin up than all out bubblegum glamour but as we’ve already established, I’ve been around for a while with a career spanning over 15 years so believe me, I’ve worn it all... follow these tips when creating your content and you won’t go far wrong.


Some of these may appeal more than others but just a little inspiration for if you’re struggling with ideas.

  1. There’s no such thing as too much leopard print and leopard print never goes out of fashion! Some People think it’s tacky (my boyfriend included) but who cares, it looks great, but try to go more Alexis Colby than Kat Slater. Leopard print is absolutely my favourite colour.

  2. You can’t ever go wrong in denim, jeans, mini skirts, bras, hats, even knickers!

  3. Football shirts are a wardrobe staple! When worn with jeans they must be a) in a children’s size or b) customised, think crystals, tears and slashed neck lines. When worn on their own they should be in a man’s size and only in the bedroom!

  4. Customise your clothes by taking a pair of scissors to them! Cut bits off, tie bits together, add gems, patches, badges, use dyes and remember the glue gun is your friend.

  5. To tan or not to tan? I was once a two-sunbed-a-day kind of girl but then I realised how bad they are for you and I’ve never believed in fake tan, (I can’t bear the thought of being stripy or it rubbing off on my sheets) so unless it’s summer or I’ve been on holiday and I am naturally sun kissed, these days I’m embracing my pale. Each to their own but if you’re going down the fake tan route, do be careful to apply evenly . . . 

  6. To everybody else bras and knickers are underwear, not to you, to you they are your uniform, office wear, AND work wardrobe. You can even claim lingerie on your tax expenses!

  7. When choosing a neckline, aim for your belly button! 

  8. Two cleavages are better than one, when choosing your outfits remember that a builder’s bum is the new cleavage.

  9. The white trash look is a good one! Denim, leather, rips, tears, PVC, rubber, vinyl, faux fur, it all works! In fact if you wear all of them at once even better!

  10. When in doubt, add more glitter.

  11. Keep your nails neat and matching, my nana once told me never to go out with chipped nail polish and I try my hardest not to.

  12. Pink goes with every other colour!

  13. When it comes to skirts, the shorter the better.

  14. Heels can never be too high.

  15. The only time it is acceptable for arms, legs and cleavage to all be covered at the same time is when wearing a catsuit (rubber, PVC or latex)

  16. Cosplay! Dig into your past and dress as sexy versions of your favourite TV show and movie characters or your favourite pop stars.

  17. Spend hours in charity shops (or on Depop), you never know what gems you’ll find, from clothing to props that will inspire a whole ensemble.

  18. Learn to sew and make your own outfits from scratch, if it worked for Bettie Page then it can work for you! I once cut out and laminated page 3 pictures from The Sport of myself in between 2 layers of my Mums plastic table cloth and made a skirt to wear to a Sport party, I’m sure my fashion school teachers would be so proud, but seriously, during the lockdown, watch some easy instructional videos online and give it a go, old bed covers are great for practising on!

  19. Embrace your personal style, know who you are and what suits you, I wish I’d thought more about this when I started out, I would have saved myself many fashion faux pas.

  20. Finally, love your body. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and ultimately, you can just ignore all of my advice and dress in what makes you feel sexy.

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