The Art Of Glamour Dressing

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

by Dani Thompson

Hi, I’m Dani, one of GYBO’s new ambassadors so let me start this blog post with a little introduction.

I have been modelling since the dawn of time, all the way back to the early naughts - before social media killed the print industry - and with it the careers of lads mag models and page 3 stars. Back in the day I appeared in all of the major lads mags and newspapers, mainly the Daily/Sunday Sport though as the others didn’t like ‘fake boobs’.

[Dani and Sim-Wise back in the day!]

When the glamour industry started to take a hit due to the free content people were posting all over the internet, I was in my mid 20’s and was looking for what to do next... and that turned out to be drama school.

I enrolled at The International School of Screen Acting and did a 1 year post grad course in screen acting. Since graduating, I’ve been working consistently as an actress mainly within the horror genre, a scream queen if you will. But here’s the thing, I love horror and I love what I do but because I’m ‘niche’ a lot of the work I do is low budget indie films. This means that although it is fun, screen acting alone does not pay enough to keep a roof over my head or keep my veins topped up with Prosecco so that is the main reason I’ve kept a pillarbox-red-painted toe dipped in the glamour world... and this is where the content creation and subscription sites come in!

Before I ever found myself immersed in the world of glamour or showbiz however, I actually studied fashion so combining that with my long running glamour career, I feel equipped to give you some tips on ‘The Art Of Glamour Dressing’.

My style now I like to think is more sophisticated modern pin up than all out bubblegum glamour but as we’ve already established, I’ve been around for a while with a career spanning over 15 years so believe me, I’ve worn it all... follow these tips when creating your content and you won’t go far wrong.