The Vegan Vamp

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

by Dani Thompson

Hey everyone, it’s Dani, hope you’re all well.

So other than modelling and acting, I also run my own vegan blog. The Vegan Vamp, named partly in tribute to my favourite cartoon vegan vampire – Count Duckula and also a play on the glamour and the horror aspects of my career.

I spent most of my childhood vegetarian and then after I left school I became pescatarian – until I developed an allergy to fish, they started giving me hives, it wasn’t pretty and around this time a lot of vegan documentaries were being released, What The Health, Forks Over Knives etc and a friend of mine watched one and went vegan on the spot so being as eating fish was getting a little bit silly for me I decided to join him and haven’t looked back. For him it was more about the health aspects as he was a former professional sportsman but for me it was for the animals.

So I’ve been vegan for almost 4 years now and I’m not one of those preachy vegans, nobody likes those, nobody likes being lectured on what they should and shouldn’t do or what they should or shouldn’t eat, my dog isn’t vegan, I’m not that extreme but I have felt so much better in myself, better on the inside, I think being vegan and knowing you’re not contributing to harming animals in any way is good for the soul.

Being vegan is definitely better for your health if you do it properly although I’ve actually managed to put on weight because I keep testing out all the new vegan junk food products on the market for the blog and social media pages – only a few lbs though, oops.


Vegan Diet Myth Busting

Being vegan is expensive.

A lot of people think that being vegan is expensive and yes if you’re buying expensive meat substitutes and ready made vegan meals, I guess it could be although no more that meat and ready made meaty meals. BUT if you cook yourself with fresh ingredients, even if you buy organic, vegetables, lentils and tofu are never going to cost that much. (tip: buy tofu from oriental supermarkets, it’s so much cheaper).