Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Put Nudes On The Internet

by Bea Dux

To put it plainly, I’ve long forgotten the rush that comes with sharing a nude photo. This has been my job for such a long time now, I’ve forgotten the nervous fear and excitement that I first felt. Now, if a friend were to confide in me that they were worried their ex might be the particular kind of shithead to publicly share a private nude, I’d struggle to identify with their panic. Your naked body should never be something shameful - your body should be celebrated! One of the best parts about sex work is the fact that people are literally paying to celebrate your body, just the way it is. If you’ve listened to my feature on the GYBO podcast, you’ll have heard Alex and I talk about this already. 

But let’s say, for the sake of those of you with that urge to share what’s previously been hidden, that I’m yet to do the same. With my current knowledge, what would I say to a young me, brand new to the world of online nudity? What do I wish I’d know back then?

(The main one, the big one)

Your friends and family WILL FIND OUT.

I’ve always been fortunate enough that if my mum (the only family member who’s opinion I truly give a fuck about) didn’t agree or revel in my choices or opinions, she respected me enough to listen and support me regardless. My experience, sadly, is far from the norm. Even with a supportive parent, my career choice was met with serious judgement and negative energy. 

Sure, it’s possible to keep your saucy activities a secret for a while but trust me when I say, eventually, someone you know will find out - and more often than not, they will tell everyone else. OWN IT. You have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to be teased for. Fuck anyone who tries to make you feel otherwise.

If there’s one thing this job has taught me, it’s that EVERYONE is a deviant. And while I say that lovingly, it can be weird. Your dad, aunties, uncles, siblings, teachers and hair dresser are all aware of porn and where to find it. If you’re naked on the internet, there’s always the chance that someone you know will stumble across, or actively look for your nudes. OWN IT. 

Your content WILL be stolen.