Trans Sex Workers And Activists You Should Know About

by Bea Dux

The news has been filled with traumatic and hideous events recently. The transgender community has sadly not been absent from the headlines and I’m seeing too many people lacking compassion and/or understanding when it comes to the violence against our transgender brothers and sisters.

Hopefully you’ll already be aware of incredible public figures like Laverne Cox who are literally changing the way mainstream media see trans women. Along with Munroe Bergdorf, who uses her large platform to help amplify the voices of their peers whilst reminding the world that the fight for LGBTQIA+ rights is firmly tied to sex worker rights. 

When writing this blog, I definitely found myself tip toeing around the edges of a deep hole of hatred. The violence and injustice transgender people face is hideous, they are often ignored by law enforcement and/or left in reports as nameless victims. I refuse to fall into discussing injustice with tears stinging my eyes and venom on my tongue when there are SO many transgender sex workers and activists to be celebrated! So let’s get on to celebrating them.

Roberta Perkins

Roberta was an Australian sociologist and writer. They were also an incredibly vocal transgender rights and sex worker rights activist. Roberta left an incredible legacy with several books and academic papers highlighting to lives of transgender sex workers. AND she established the first assistance center for transgender people in Australia. Please read more about her and her incredible work here:

TS Candii 

As a sex worker, vocal political activist, and public speaker, TS Candii is taking her badassery to the next level in producing a documentary called “Policing Our Bodies” which I for one, am looking forward to viewing. She has been at the very front of MANY a protest and march as well as organising several financial funds for start ups and support systems. Black Trans News being but one of them:</