Von's No Bullshit Guide to Self Care

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

HI! I’m Von, GYBO’s Socials Specialist! Some of you might know me from way back when, when Sim-Wise and I worked as glamour models and sexy columnists for those things we used to call ‘Lads Mags’ (ask your Dad). I’d be found regularly writhing around semi nude, often brandishing a whip and spouting off on my infinite sexual wisdom for the once infamous FRONT magazine. Normally I will be blogging about how to be shit hot at social media, but today, instead of socials, I am going to talk about SELF CARE as it is REALLY important!

How did you go from sexy to socials?

Well, In between all the sex, writhing, and whip brandishing, I managed to fit in some time to do an actual marketing job and got pretty good at compartmentalising everything and being mega corporate. Truth be told, my workmates didn’t really know me very well then and I was coping with some pretty heavy issues which only now in my 30’s have I really gotten a grip on understanding.

Stuff like self care and mental health really weren’t discussed back then like they are now, we didn’t have the same kind of social media (well, Myspace… but that doesn’t count) so we just sort of had loads of nervous breakdowns, took handfuls of drugs and accepted we were all totally fucked up.

Self Care you say?

This blog initially started out as just the bullet pointed list below, Von’s happy clappy top tips on self care, but I realised quickly how inadequate that was, because if you’re reading this and are in the place I was ten years ago, a lot of it isn’t helpful. Self care looks VERY different for everyone depending on where they are at and what they are going through, so to understand what my self care looks like now and how I got here you need a bit of context, and while I usually try to stay away from mental health labels, I have shared mine to try and help break the shame stigma. Just know that LOTS of people have mental health issues, and the more we talk about them the less shame we feel and the less those issues come to define us.

So here we go…

I have suffered from very severe insomnia from a young age (this comes and goes in bouts, still) and I also had/have OCD which hasn’t helped my insomnia much. Because these things went untreated for a long time, I have some pretty spectacular learning difficulties, in addition to a ‘low dopamine brain’ and ADHD - thanks genetics.

Later on in life I developed some terrible issues with addiction, drugs, sex and alcohol - which combined with various traumatic events, left me with PTSD and Bipolar 2. PTSD mostly manifests itself in my sleep, when I wake up fraught with panic and night sw