Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Hello Get Your Bits Out fans! It’s Von here once again with another instalment of our weekly blog, bringing you all the positivity that I can muster, DEEP from within my terrified dark soul 🤣 (obvs kidding). I think it’s safe to say we’re currently living in what is quite possibly the most INSANE time that many of us have ever known - but try not to get TOO worried as we are all in the same boat right now!

I’ve lovingly named this blog how to remain creative when everything is f**ked as I’m pretty certain that by the time this goes live, we’ll be in lockdown (if you’re not locking down already). For those of you who are Key Workers out there - we salute you! But for those of you stuck at home I want to TRY and inspire you all to be as creative as humanly possible with all that sexy new time you’ve got! 

I too am struggling right now with creativity, so I am trying to ensure that I stick to my self care as best I can (see previous GYBO self care blog!), get out once a day to walk (within REASON PEOPLE, not in public spots!) and I am checking in with friends and family on the regs to stay sane. 


IG LIVESTREAMS - EVERYONE and their dog is doing a LIVE right now, so why should you? Livestreams really help to boost your discoverability on Instagram which is great when you’re trying to grow your personal profile. Building your personal brand is so integral when you’re trying to form a following online, people want to get to know you and the fantasy that you’re selling - so - SELL IT! Think about what you could do that’s engaging, entertaining, or informative that helps tell people who you are. You can think about showing a behind the scenes on one of your content shoots perhaps, or have a Q&A session, or you can just talk about your favourite TV show! Whatever you choose to do, stuff like this helps build a stronger connection with your fans. Top Tip: pre-plan your streams and post about them in your stories. later.com make awesome templates that you can use to jazz up your live streams. If you need help or assistance blocking negative comments, or how to create the perfect live strategy, book in for a FREE consultation!