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Hello Get Your Bits Out fans! It’s Von here once again with another instalment of our weekly blog, bringing you all the positivity that I can muster, DEEP from within my terrified dark soul 🤣 (obvs kidding). I think it’s safe to say we’re currently living in what is quite possibly the most INSANE time that many of us have ever known - but try not to get TOO worried as we are all in the same boat right now!

I’ve lovingly named this blog how to remain creative when everything is f**ked as I’m pretty certain that by the time this goes live, we’ll be in lockdown (if you’re not locking down already). For those of you who are Key Workers out there - we salute you! But for those of you stuck at home I want to TRY and inspire you all to be as creative as humanly possible with all that sexy new time you’ve got! 

I too am struggling right now with creativity, so I am trying to ensure that I stick to my self care as best I can (see previous GYBO self care blog!), get out once a day to walk (within REASON PEOPLE, not in public spots!) and I am checking in with friends and family on the regs to stay sane. 


IG LIVESTREAMS - EVERYONE and their dog is doing a LIVE right now, so why should you? Livestreams really help to boost your discoverability on Instagram which is great when you’re trying to grow your personal profile. Building your personal brand is so integral when you’re trying to form a following online, people want to get to know you and the fantasy that you’re selling - so - SELL IT! Think about what you could do that’s engaging, entertaining, or informative that helps tell people who you are. You can think about showing a behind the scenes on one of your content shoots perhaps, or have a Q&A session, or you can just talk about your favourite TV show! Whatever you choose to do, stuff like this helps build a stronger connection with your fans. Top Tip: pre-plan your streams and post about them in your stories. later.com make awesome templates that you can use to jazz up your live streams. If you need help or assistance blocking negative comments, or how to create the perfect live strategy, book in for a FREE consultation! 

TRY SOMETHING NEW - Doing stuff that we wouldn’t usually do is great for exercising those creative juices. Whilst presented with all of this time off I committed to trying to cook new things I would usually avoid - baking for me is something I ALWAYS hated, but have now become some kind of cookie master, and I LOVE it! Sim-Wise once started knitting with her Nan, and developed quite the little business on Etsy, selling offensive jumpers - which is how she ended up meeting her now husband! You never know what you’re going to like, what skills you can gain and what you’ll end up doing with those new skills! 

LEARN - What better time than now to start gaining some new skills that you can directly utilise in your day to day content creator life? There are SO many online tutorials that are totally free that can teach you how to do things like web development, graphic design, makeup artistry and photography, why not get ahead of the pack and up-skill the s**t out of yourself right now!? Being more skilled than your competitors will not only make you stand out, but will help you bring your creative ideas to fruition! lynda.com is AMAZING and free for a month, has epic courses on everything you’d ever need to become the ultimate creative badass. 

THEME EXPERIMENTATION - Being thrifty right now, and using what we have around us is more important than EVER before. Look around you and I bet you can come up with 5 new content themes from random stuff lying around the house! Doing an at home workout? Why not bust out an at home workout set! Cleaning all the time? How about the sexy cleaner who forgot their utensils and has to use their clothes to clean 😂 They’re TERRIBLE, but you get the idea - think about using things you have, take Sim-Wise’s recent set sat in amongst all her cans of food!

IKIGAI - This is a Japanese concept that essentially means, ‘A Reason For Being’ - now this may sound a bit deep, but hear me out! It’s a little diagram that you fill in that analyses the things you’re good at, essentially: your passion, profession, what the world needs and what you can get paid for - I did this a while back, and came out with a wonderful big page of inspirational things I loved doing, I found it infinitely inspiring and helped spark my creativity massively. It might be a great task for now for those struggling with the question of what’s next? 

GET DIGITAL - Semi similar to my other point about learning something new, this one is very specific to bettering yourself online. Take this time to REALLY work on getting more creative with your public pages, learn how to use Canva, watch YouTube tutorials on video editing - get better at making you and your content as standout as you can. Invest in understanding your audience, and how to nail what they want to see and when they want to see it! Our workbook will be out this Friday, and will help you MASSIVELY understand how to help better your mindset and content across a multitude of different areas. 

GIVE BACK - Thinking creatively about your existing skill set and how it can benefit others will help you think creatively right now. Is there anything you can post that’s useful, that others might benefit from? We feel better when we’re giving, when we’re happy we’re more creative and currently your community is looking to people like you for advice, inspiration and content! 

JOURNAL - Sim-Wise bought me a diary for Christmas and it has fundamentally changed my entire life. I make sure that I am ALWAYS writing down little sparks of inspiration, ideas and creativity that comes to mind around the clock. I keep it by my bed, and it massively helps me with my tendency to overthink too! Keep one so that you can go back to ideas, and remember all the great ones. 

BREAK YOUR ROUTINE! - So yeah, this goes against ALL my advice on the importance of routines, but I don’t mean you should stop brushing your teeth or exercising! I mean mix up your day to help creative blockages - for example, don’t work in the same place every day, get up and move around and make sure you take breaks. If you’re struggling with creativity, don’t just keep doing the same thing over and over, break up your day with a walk or some exercise - often things come to us when we aren’t thinking about them consciously. 

MEDITATE - Meditation not only sets us up calmly for a day, it helps clear space in our minds for creativity to flourish. I come up with so many of my best ideas for shows, costumes or pieces I want to write after I’ve meditated when I’m not consciously thinking about planning things. I know it’s really hard to get into buy try the Headspace app if you’re a beginner, it really helped EASE me into it! 

That’s enough from me for today, so as always if you need any extra help or advice on how to better yourself online, get in touch today to arrange a FREE consultation and make sure you sign up to our mailing list so you are the FIRST to know when the GYBO Workbook launches!! 


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