Website Basics with Bea!

by Bea Dux

Nowadays you don't need any HTML knowledge at all to be an online content creator as websites like OnlyFans and AdmireMe have made it easy for you to upload your shit and GO. The framework is built and the only thing you really have to worry about is promoting your profile!

However, these websites are anonymous, prone to data leaks and ultimately, you’re giving another person (or corporation) 20-40% of your possible earnings. When you think about it, that’s a LOT of money to be paying for a customer support system that doesn’t always get back to you and the possibility that a fan could request a chargeback and all of a sudden that payout isn’t as big as you thought it was. 

Whether the negatives of sites like these weigh heavy on your mind, or you just want your own online space that gives you additional opportunities to earn, I’m going to talk you through a few ways you can set up your own site!

Now, before we get into anything, let me preface this by saying that I am in NO way an expert on all types of website. Your websites should be unique to you and fortunately there are tons of platforms to help you create exactly what you want! In the development of mine I have tried and taught myself all sorts! So here are some of the basic nuggets of advice I can offer to anyone thinking of setting up their own. 


If the idea of building a website gives you a dry mouth and sweat patches, worry not, for it is possible to hire someone to do it all for you. There are a million and one website developers and code writers ready and willing to build your website - from scratch. However, this is definitely the most expensive option. You’re literally paying someone a wage to build your site. The GREAT thing about this is that you can practically have everything exactly the way that you want it! People who work in tech are miracle workers - but be warned: the more you want, the more time it will take them and the more expensive it will be.

Another thing to keep in mind with this option is that you may end up hiring someone who can’t stick to deadlines. I unfortunately had this experience and it’s so disheartening to get excited about a site, only to have the developer be unreliable. So the main takeaway here is: if they’re cheap, you’re going to get a cheap service!


If you’re not wanting anything too complicated and the idea of giving it a go yourself doesn’t seem like an uphill battle not even the great Miley Cyrus could conquer, there are several options for you.

First up, get yourself a domain name. A domain is the name of your website. It gives you the option to personalise the link you give out! It also makes website names a lot cleaner. Example: is a little long and the focus is on the host (onlyfans). If I linked my own domain to my onlyfans page, I could instead share the link ‘'. It’s cleaner, the focus is on my name and this makes it easier to share and remember!

This of course is a personal choice, but it does add that extra flare of professionalism AND it makes it easier for people to find you.

When you first purchase a domain name, it costs pennies! Get yourself over to or and snap up your favourite website name, as well as a few variations. Your ownership of these domains last (usually) for 2 years and then you’re reminded to either renew, or let go on this domain. As previously mentioned, having a domain gives you the option to personalise your website name.

The main website/store builders I recommend are:

  • BigCartel

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

  • Wordpress

Each platform has their own quirks and fortunately for you, they do offer you the chance to have a play with the format. This lets you create the basic foundation of what you want your site to look like before paying anything. I highly recommend heading to each of their FAQ pages as they can go into everything in far more detail for you!

The great thing about using website builders such as squarespace or BigCartel is that the basic framework of your website is already set up. This is definitely the best option for someone wanting their own website but not sure what you want it to look like. There is a seemingly unlimited choice of styles, colours and fonts so you this is a great opportunity to grab a coffee and have a play! There’s also the option to add plugins and widgets - such as calendars, pop ups, etc.

Again, the more you want from your website, the more it will cost you to build. Primarily, you have to keep in mind that if you don’t have the skills to create something, you have to pay for someone else’s skills to help! So don’t shy away from spending a little on style. Another massive pro to using these types of sites to build your own is the customer service. Whilst using their site, you will have constant access to customer service to help you whenever you get a little stuck - which, if you’re anything like me, you probably will.

Like most things in this industry, a level of independence is important with website building. It’s YOURS and should reflect that! Put aside a few hours to research and spend some time thinking about what you want your website to do. Some questions to ask:

Which websites do you like the look of?

Do you have a colour scheme in mind?

Are you going to need hosting for content, or are you sending content out manually?

Is the website platform adult-friendly?

Do you just want an online store?

Will you need an appointments page or a booking system?

Do you want to add plug-ins or widgets?

Your website can - and should be - totally unique to you.

My last parting nugget is this: google is your BEST friend!

Best of luck!

Bea xx

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