WHITE PRIVILEGE – How you can use yours the right way

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

by Bea Dux

White people: we need to do better.

Right now the world is facing a global pandemic, economic crisis, new outbreaks of Ebola, Anonymous is back and in the midst of it all, the brutality and murder of black and brown people. A transformative shift is upon us in the form of one of the wildest years in history and we all need to be hyper aware of which side of history we want to be on.

Nobody wants to have to discuss race but it's time we do. Black people don't want to have to educate white people on how the world views and treats them differently and white people don't want to deal with the uncomfortable truth that we benefit from systems built by the very people it works against. Before we get into it, I don't want to hear "not all white people" from anyone ever again. All white people may not be actively racist, but all white people benefit from racism. You may not feel like you are privileged because your life has been hard, but having white skin means it hasn't been harder.

There are a lot of white people with good intentions. People who mean well yet still perpetuate the marginalisation of others with the things they do or say. One of the most obvious is complimenting a black person's hair then asking to touch it (NO, you can't). Other examples include "I don't see colour", "all lives matter" or my personal favourite "but how do we know it was racially motivated?"

No rational person can defend what happened to George Floyd - and if you're attempting to, ask yourself why? 

Why are you so pressed to defend a murderer? 

When you assert that 'all lives matter' and speak over the struggles black people face, you are potentially acting as an abuser. Don't invalidate black people's feelings and experiences. Do your research/what has happened historically and how are they affecting events today? Do the work to be a part of the solution.

Initially, I wrote 4 pages worth of content for you to read through, but I've decided to scrap it. Part of being actively anti-racist is researching historical and present-day issues facing the black community to better your own understanding. I encourage everyone reading this to spend the rest of today doing what you can to learn and use your privilege. 


Educate yourself. 

Read literature by BLACK people. So many blogs are free to view such as: https://www.kelechiokafor.com/writing-bits and https://demicolleen.wordpress.com

Follow more black people on your socials.