Struggling with how to effectively utilise DMs on your OnlyFans or subscription platform? Don't know whether to utilise PPV or not?


In our first downloadable video tutorial Bits Out co-founder Sim-Wise walks you through how to effectively manage your fan base via DM with some tips and tricks that have helped her to make over $7K a month just from messages!


PLUS this download includes FREE Bits List membership (usually $20) on our OnlyFans and a FREE Fan DM (usually $10).


(Please note you will have to subscribe to our free OnlyFans to claim - details are in the download).

Video Tutorial #1: How To DM Like a PRO

  • Download comes as a .mov file inside a .zip file so please check compatibility with your computer or device BEFORE downloading.

  • This video is intended for personal use ONLY. Please do not share or reproduce this video, wholly or in part, without express permission from its owners. 

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