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are you struggling to find the time and motivation to create?

Content creation is an uphill struggle sometimes - you need to know how to do everything yourself from content ideas to media production and marketing. Knowing the best place to start and what works best for you is half of the battle. But who has got the time to find this information?

that's where THE BITS LIST comeS in

The Get Your Bits Out mission is to help YOU stay safe and make the most of your content, and with that in mind we have created THE BITS LIST mailing list especially for you! We want to give the 99% the resources they need to make it to the TOP by launching THE BITS LIST as a FREE weekly mailing list that goes out every Friday. See it as your secret weapon, helping you to...

Work smarter, not harder!

learn the secrets of top CREATORS

If there's one thing the TOP CREATORS know it's that time is precious and the LESS time you can spend looking for information, the more of an industry advantage you have. Whatever background you come from or fan subscription platform you use, our cross-platform advice is here to help. THE BITS LIST is here to help you succeed.

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Every week we will be sorting the wheat from the chaff by sourcing PROVEN strategies and advice from VERIFIED sources, delving into the latest:

  • Industry news

  • Content ideas & trends

  • Money-making strategies

  • Time saving tips

  • Safety advice

Plus interviews with TOP creators and networking events. Start treating your content like the BUSINESS that it is! No more wasting time on dramatic WhatsApp and Telegram groups looking for scraps - get the tips and tricks that WORK straight into your email inbox! And best of all? It's totally FREE! Read the first issue here!

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